The Impact Of Your Victim Story and How To Let It Go

A victim story… most of us have them, some of us love them and choose to re-tell them over and over again to ourselves and anyone that will listen. What exactly is a victim story?  A victim story is a re-telling of something that has happened to us. Something where we have a perceived notion that we have been […]

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Hormones. What You Need To Know To Keep You Feeling Your Best

Lets talk about hormones for a while…. no, don’t roll your eyes. Did you know that our bodies are made up of way more hormones than just estrogen and they all need to be balanced and working together for optimal health? There are well over 100 hormones in our bodies that are all hopefully working […]

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Adult Friendships…. Are They Still Important?

Adult Friendships…are they still important? Back when we were kids and teenagers our friendships with others were the most important thing in our lives. We usually saw and talked to them everyday, and then were often hanging out with them or on the phone with them after school.  When we were 5 making friends was as […]

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