My Goal For 2019 Is To Have No Goals.

As 2018 winds up I feel like I should reminisce about all the goals I accomplished, all the lessons learned and what a better person that I have become. Because isn’t that the purpose of making our New Years Resolutions and goal setting on New Years Day? Well in that case I am happy to […]

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I Am Sorry (Not Sorry) That I Can Not Share Your Excitment For Sweater Weather And Pumpkin Spice At The End Of August!

pumpkin spice

Here it is getting close to fall or pumpkin spice season as it seems to be known. Once again I am not ready. They garden is overflowing and the temperatures are dipping. This week I better start getting things pulled out. For me, planting, growing and tending to the garden is always the fun part. […]

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September…My Other New Year, My Vegas Vacation And Turning 50!

September has arrived again… every year it seems to arrive quicker than the last. September always feels like the start of fall even though the official first day of fall isn’t for a few more weeks. It also feels more like the start of a new year, even more than the start of the real […]

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