I Believe All Women….. I Also Believe Men. There Needs To Be Proof.

Believe all  Women!

Once again you need to be under a rock if you haven’t heard the allegations of Dr. Christine Ford against Brett Kavanaugh, as he was a nominee for the Supreme Court Justice. Believe All Women is the battle cry of the #MeToo feminists  of last year.

I Believe All wWomen, But I Want Proof.
The future isn’t female. The future belongs to everyone!

I am a  woman, so I believe that I get to have an opinion in all of this. I also have a son and a daughter, a grandson and granddaughter, so I see both sides. I do not see my self as a modern day feminist at all, even though I fully believe in equality amongst all. I also feel that I am a realist.  I realise no one cares about my opinion… but that is irrelevant. I still get an opinion. I believe women…. BUT I still want to see facts to back up allegations. I believe men….and want to see proof and facts.

Women have been accusing men since the dawn of time. This is nothing new.  Accusing them of rape, accusing them of getting them pregnant, accusing them of harassment and abuse. In many cases these allegations are true and warranted. But so many times they are not. In to many cases the allegations are made because a woman is intent on ruining a mans life. I saw it high school, with who are girls mad at their boyfriends and want revenge. I have seen it with friends in court rooms, where an ex-wife is accusing her ex husband of abuse in their marriage (actually it was the women who threw the punches in the marriage as well as the one doing the cheating)….all of it untrue, it was just a way to try to discredit the ex spouse and play the victim card. Then of course there are always the women crying rape after leaving a bar consensually and then having regrets in the morning. What about all the women claiming the baby belongs to one man…all the while knowing it belongs to another.  Please don’t even try to argue that none of this happens.

Also, this isn’t the first time we have heard about sex scandals in the White House….. sex allegations against men in power, where there was proof and evidence against  the men in high places. I didn’t see many women rallying around Monica Lewinsky with #Ibelieveher. Maybe that was a different time…before Twitter.

Equality means that everyone is entitled to a fair and equal voice, a fair and equal trial.  Equality means the burden of proof is on the accuser to provide evidence and the defendant to provide an equal amount of defense evidence. Just the fact that we #believe all women is just not enough proof in a lot of cases. Why should we believe women over men…? Just because? I am not interested in hearing the words patriarchal society, old boys clubs, archaic,  misogynistic or any other the words that we hear daily. We live in an equal society, and I live in the same society as every one else. In some areas each gender had to work harder or struggle a bit more, but we live in an equal society.

I will believe women a whole lot more when they quit calling themselves victims and start providing the proof and evidence needed to give everyone fair and equal trials. But then again, this is all just my opinion. No matter what…. I fear for our future. It doesn’t matter who you believe, we do need to find common ground and expect better from all of humanity.  ( and as a side note, I DO believe something happened to Christine Ford, she just didn’t have enough evidence to convince me of exactly what happened to her)

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  1. I so agree with you! These people who “believe her” without proof are sliding down a slippery slope. Guilty until proven innocent… That’s Mexico, China and the Middle East. The United States of America was founded on INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY.

    A few years ago I sat on a DUI jury. My fellow jurors were going to convict a woman because she “played with her hair during the trial.” Their reasoning was if you were innocent, you wouldn’t do that. My late husband was a trial attorney, so I’m very aware of legalities like the prosecution needs to prove their case beyond a shadow of a doubt. In this case, there was no breath test, no speeding or weaving down the street, no test to see if she could walk a straight line. Nothing!! And yet, this wackadoodle jury was going to convict her. I was the lone holdout, so it was a hung jury. Brenda

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