I Am Sorry (Not Sorry) That I Can Not Share Your Excitment For Sweater Weather And Pumpkin Spice At The End Of August!

pumpkin spice

Here it is getting close to fall or pumpkin spice season as it seems to be known. Once again I am not ready. They garden is overflowing and the temperatures are dipping. This week I better start getting things pulled out. For me, planting, growing and tending to the garden is always the fun part. The overwhelm comes in late August and early September.


I now have to give up reading a book in the sunshine…. ok I rarely do this, but my summer ideal is reading a book in the sun. (Although I was lucky enough to get camping a few times and read a book on the beach) Now I have a garden to dig up, salsa to make, beets and beans to freeze, and potatoes to store. Not to mention cutting back flowers, prepping the gardens for winter and making numerous dump runs to get rid of garden waste. IMG_1358

All over social media the fall decorating posts are starting. The longings for sweater weather and pumpkin spice everything. Nooooo… my inside voice screams. Its only August, and I still have all the projects that I hoped to get done in the summer to do. Now the rush is on to remove some inside drywall, paint the front door, paint the deck and spend more time watching summer sunsets from the deck. ( now that the sun sets at 9pm and I may actually stay awake long enough to see them!)

My time at the beach, watching sunsets is never long enough.

Maybe if I lived in a place where summer is hot and sticky for months I would be a bit more excited for cooler weather, but here in the middle of Alberta, we usually put a hoodie ( or a bunnyhug for my Saskatchewan readers)  on as soon as the sun starts going down, even in the middle of July. It is not unusual to have snow and frost in May, and we dip to frost warnings by late August and early September. So our summer is so short as it is, I really hate wishing the last days away by looking at fall decorating tips or ordering a pumpkin spice Latte.

Maybe part of it is that I find time is moving faster than ever before, and therefore I am another year older that much faster…. I don’t know when the lazy hazy days of summer stopped, but I think somewhere around  the beginning of adulthood.  Now that midlife is here, time seems to have sped up, almost to the point of warp speed. Facebook has a daily habit of showing me time line memories from all the years I have been on FB. How can it be a year already since I took a girls trip to Vegas with my daughter? A year…. ! Can’t we please just slow things down.

Can’t we just take the days as they come, without jumping the seasons? I get that in retail is always seasons ahead. One can not help but notice fall and Christmas decorations are already out…. a reminder of how fast time is flying every time I wander into Costco in my shorts and flip flops. Although I guess by the same token seeing garden seeds in February does bring me cheer and optimism that spring is around the corner! But when its -40, dark and cold that optimism is much needed! but I just cant handle seeing fall decorated tables and mantles already!

My view for about 6 months of the year!


Anyway… I am going to hang onto summer as long as I can. I am sorry if I just cant share your excitement for your newly decorated fall mantle, complete with pumpkins and Halloween witches. If it was polite to give an eye roll instead of a thumbs up I probably would. Instead I usually scroll on through and wait at least another month to start thinking about giving those fresh fall mantel pics any love.


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  1. I simply couldn’t agree more. I’m holding on to summer with both hands! We’re on our week in Banff and we had fresh snow last night. Fresh snow. Sigh.
    P.S. Your view is achingly similar to my view!

  2. I’m with you!! I’m still planting things in my courtyard and just today, moved my daybed out there and fluffed it up with pillows. I’m in San Antonio, so we still have another month of hot, brutal weather. No way do I want to think about sweaters! Brenda

  3. I agree! The jumping seasons is nuts. I’ve been watching Christmas trees and decor pop up in stores for a month already. As to the sweaters, well, I live on Florida’s Gulf coast, so I don’t have to worry about sweaters until January. I’m okay with that! 🙂

    1. Oh….so jealous! I have a sweater all year long. I am thinking of visiting a friend in Florida in December…although my husband ‘jokes’ that he may not see me again until spring.

  4. I’m so with you on this!Summers are short where I love too! I’d like to give a slimy fish slap to those so giddy about fall & pumpkin spice. Pumpkin spice grosses me out. It’s not all that.

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