Sticks and Stones May Break My Bones But Words Will Never Hurt Me….But They May Cost You Your Job.

Do you remember running home and crying to your mom about how someone said something that hurt your feelings? If you were a child of the 70’s there is a good chance you were told ‘ oh well, sticks and stones will break your bones but words will never hurt you’.

Well nowadays, in the world of fast-moving social media, I know a lot of people these days don’t buy into this theory. I guess words by random strangers do hurt. Words by celebrities apparently hold great importance in many people’s lives.

I am sure you have all heard about the Roseanne Barr Twitter scandal. And the Samantha Bee insults to Ivanca Trump. This week in news is what has gotten me thinking a lot about free speech and what we can and can’t say. ( lately it feels “hate speech” against a Republican President and his family are fine if done by a Liberal but “hate speech” against a Democratic president by a Republican is not allowed but maybe I am imagining such things.) I don’t think either one of those women should have done what they did or said what they said. BUT I also don’t think such a big deal should have been made. I don’t think anyone should lose their job.  No one threatened to kill anyone. No one burned down anyone’s home. I would not, in my personal opinion, call any of it hate speech or racism.

In my mind it is the equivalent of little girls on the playground saying ‘you are ugly’ or ‘your mom is a bitch’. Should it be said…. nope. Is it nice? Not at all. But like I used to tell my kids ignore it and move along and who cares what people think about how you look, your shoes or your mom. It’s mean, it’s insensitive but it isn’t bullying. It says more about them than you. If you and everyone else ignores them they lose their audience.

As a society we have all gotten so sensitive and so offended.  I feel by taking shows of the air it takes away the public’s right to decide for themselves what they want to watch. Hollywood is telling us what we can watch and what we can think and believe. Lately it seems a lot of shows on tv totally go against anything I believe to right and good…. so I have the option of indoctrinating myself into Hollywood’s philosophy of what is right and good OR of turning off my tv and cancelling my cable. Actually a lot of political opinions, celebrity opinions and life in general goes against what I believe to be right and good. They know best and feel the need to shove their opinions down our throats screaming derogatory terms at everyone if we don’t somehow agree with their profound wisdom and ‘wokeness’ ( woke is a term I absolutely hate. Who decides if someone is ‘woke’? You…. I don’t think so. If you are woke, I prefer to stay asleep thanks.)

So my opinion on all of this utter nonsense happening now and  social media crap is Unfollow them on Twitter if they offend you. Block them on Facebook. Don’t buy tickets to their comedy shows. Cancel your cable. Ignore them!

I dunno…. the world is nuts. No one knows what to say to anyone anymore because people can not handle having rude or insensitive things being said about them. People getting offended so easily. Being offended is such a narcissistic emotion . Life has to stop for everyone else because you got offended. Please grow up.

I truly believe if you have a good sense of self then sticks and stones will break your bones but words will never hurt you! ( and PLEASE know I am talking about general rudeness and insensitivity and even bullying on social media….NOT what a child would hear from an emotionally abusive parent. Just to be clear.)

Now get off social media, scroll past the jerks, unfollow the meanies. Block the bullies. Hell, some of you may unfollow me….but I hope not. Cancel your cable if you don’t like what is on and head to YouTube and watch cat videos. There is a real life happening outside the imaginary world of social media and celebrities. Go out and enjoy it.

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  1. We really do think a lot alike! You are spot on with this. People are often mean, but people are also too sensitive these days. I’m not making excuses for the mean folks, but why can’t people tell their offenders (if they can’t bring themselves to ignore and find they must call them out and reply), “That was an ugly, mean thing to say. Go get bent.”, and then move on with their confident lives. Trust me, the initial offender will still look badly for their transgressions, even without job losses for punishment. Are self esteems really that low, or are people so full of hatred and out to get one another that they cannot wait for a “gotcha”? I think the latter to be more likely. They see an unfortunate and/or ugly opportunity and grab it. I see a lot of double standards practiced among celibrities and politicians. They are those who can dish it out but can’t take it. Both sides end up looking bad instead of just the initial offender. I abhore a mean spirit, but I abhor hypocrisy just as much.

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