Bodies Are Made To Move. My Morning Walk… My Form of Meditation.

Today is a short post, about my morning walks, which in my eyes are my best form of mediation.

Years ago, about 12 to be exact I was stressed out and chronically sore. My chiropractor told me something that I have never forgotten. Bodies are made to move. He said so many problems…from back pain to stress headaches could be eliminated if people moved their bodies.

I took those words to heart and started walking every morning. I walked to the hiway and back, about 30 minutes. It didn’t take long before I found that my chiropractor was correct. My back pain subsided, my head felt clear and as a bonus I lost 30 pounds!

Fast forward 12 years. My Morning Walk habit has been replaced by morning coffees on the couch. It’s been a slow transition away from morning walks over the years, due to a few moves and habit changes. For a while my walks were replaced by time at the gym. But the last 3 years I can honestly say I have slacked in the move my body department.

I also have a busy head, back pain and about 20 pounds has found its way back on. What did my chiropractor say back then…? Bodies are made to move.

I have had a dog for the last 2 years and I take him out for a walk everyday…usually afternoon or evening so I am not a complete couch potato. But there is something about a first thing in the morning walk that feels different. The air is fresher. Your heart pumps more and your head gets clearer. It just feels different. Instead of winding down you are gearing up.

So about 10 days ago I decided to get back to my morning walks. I want to feel that way again. So every day…after coffee, with my dog, my ear buds, and a new playlist ( and currently rubber boots) I set out.

It’s mud season…yup in Alberta that is a season.

At first it was a lot of self talk. ‘Come on, just do it, you can cut it short if you want, just go. And I was stiff and sore…this fact alone really woke me up to the fact that I was out of shape. My hips hurt, my butt muscles hurt, my legs hurt. Not in a bad way…but in a way that says ‘ wait, what are you doing to us, we are being stretched and used in a different way…and we are not sure we like it”. Shush up there bum jiggle, we will have a bath, do some yoga and you will be fine….maybe you will be replaced with a nice tight and toned ass muscle. ( oh a middle aged woman can dream …)

But the last 2 days something changed. I remembered why I used to love my morning walks. I can tune out alot of the chatter in my head…because I have music playing. I am listening to the songs in a different way because I am not distracted with other things. My music of choice is always country music. Always. Country music has lots of fun party songs…but just the nature of it also has alot of stories and alot of depth. Stories and depth that I have never paid attention to before. I find myself tearing up while I walk and listen.

Did I mention it was mud season? Blue doesn’t care. He is truly a pain in the ass to take on a walk. But I feel guilty leaving him at home. He gets an off leash walk to sniff where he wants later in the day.


Before I know it, I am almost through my walk. I have a good pace going, I have not  complained in my head about being to tired or to busy I don’t want it to end. I have cleared the cobwebs. I feel refreshed and invigorated. When I get home I am ready to start my day.

I know alot of people meditate in a quiet room with Zen music playing…. that is not for me. I mediate and clear my head in a different way. Walking, gardening, and generally being outside. Fresh air is just so good for you. Walking outside gives you something a treadmill just can’t. Sights, sounds, and the smell of fresh morning air. It just feels good. With any luck in addition to a clear head, less back pain, and less grumpies I will also find a few pounds less too. It can’t hurt!

So I encourage everyone to make a brisk morning walk a part of their day. Remember the words of my chiropractor. Bodies are made to move!

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  1. I almost forgot to come back and comment! You see, I was so inspired by this post that I rushed off to schedule the physical therapy appointment that I had neglected to schedule even though it is on paper AND digital to do lists. I blew out my knee last summer. Every time I take a walk or go to the gym, it starts hurting. So I finally remembered to ask my primary care doctor for a PT referral. I have an appt. tomorrow at 9:30. Thank you!

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