Are Women Bad For Business… ?

Are women bad for business? This is something I have been thinking about a lot especially with #metoo and all of the other hashtags out there right now. I am not so sure that I would want my husband hiring a woman employee. I also have family members who will not hire women. Call it illegal if you wish… but in their mind there is always a man who is better qualified.


First of all, I will state the obvious. I am a woman. Although I am a woman, I do not actually believe I would label myself as a feminist woman. I do believe women deserve equal rights and equal pay for equal work. I believe in equal rights, which every woman/person in the free world has.  But I do not believe men and women are equal.

I also know a lot of hard working women who work in non traditional fields, are very good at what they do. These women, who I am proud to call friends are NOT the women that I am questioning if they are bad for business. I admire and applaude these women for working just like a man in a non traditional profession.

As we near International Women’s Day I feel like I should be writing an uplifting woman post! BUT I kind of even take offense at women having a day. If women want equality then we should also have an International Mans Day. Actually this is my Facebook Post today that sums up my feeling on International Woman’s Day.

It is International Women’s Day.
Women please be nice to each other not only today but everyday.
Support each other even if they vote differently.
Be kind even if they view life differently.
Treat each other, and men too, with respect and understanding.
On this day… that celebrates all women, drop the agendas, the gossip, the backstabbing and the drama and reach your full potential as human beings.

Women want more equality in the work force. Equal pay for equal work. And they should of course have it. Assuming of course that they are doing equal work. I recently had a friend send me a notice from what I assume was her employer where they are thinking of offering 2 ‘light duty’ days per month for women. Ummmm…. how is that equality?

A lot of oilfield jobs, as all oilfield wives know all to well, are unpredictable, and you work while the work is there. That means you miss Christmas concerts, holidays, anniversaries and birthday parties. You do not get days off for your period, your child’s Dr appointments or get off early for your anniversary dinner.

The reason that women do not hired for these jobs is they can’t/won’t work that type of hours. Women who do succeed and have equality in these jobs have either a live in nanny or family member to manage their home and children. I see ads all the time for live in help to manage the house and demands of children. A lot of employers just do not want the hassle of hiring women for these jobs. These are multi million dollar contracts with tight deadlines, and they can’t have their staff at home with cramps or a teething toddler. So women will get passed over for men.

Another thing I have trouble with….looking at it as a potential employer is maternity leave. Lets face it, most women of a certain age will eventually want maternity leave, maybe several times. Here is Canada they are looking at changing it to 18 months( and now we also are seeing paternity leave as well)  I believe this time is very important for families. BUT it is a nightmare for employers. It means hiring and training a new employee…. and for that new employee it means only temporary employment. Maternity leave positions are definitely harder to fill….and in the meantime the rest of the staff is required to take over the workload.

Of course there is also all the other time off that women/mothers take off. That was a HUGE pet peeve of my husbands when he worked in an office. Women always taking time off for their sick kids, sick dayhome providers,  school events etc…It is great that some jobs are flexible like that. BUT is that equal and fair for the employees who do not have children, do not have cramps, or for whatever reason are able to show up for work and put their 40-60 hours in every week? Should those employees be paid more or receive the promotions…. I certainly believe so, even if they hold the same position, same training, and same seniority as they employees always requesting time off.

Then of course lastly…. I think men are also just afraid to hire women right now. I do not doubt for a moment that there are many sleeze ball men out there. BUT there is a lot of good men too. I have worked with so many good men, who had a sense of humour. There was lots of fun happening at work. Was some of it also a bit of off colour jokes and such….it sure was. Some women can’t just laugh, let it go and move on, And before you know it there is a complaint and some guy is losing his job. Over nothing really.

I can see why some people just don’t want to hire women… myself included. Since you can not out and out ask if they are easily offended or will whine to head office about every little thing… maybe it is best not to hire them.

What if they interpret that looking over their shoulder at the computer screen to help you figure something out as a ‘sexual’ thing?  Yeah…maybe best to not hire women and avoid they whole worry.

Plus… lets add in the fact that I have seen way to many women being purposely way too friendly with the boss. Sleeping your way up the ladder isn’t new, and we can not only be blaming men all the time. If we want equality…. lets start calling things what they are. When you go to your bosses hotel room, or meet him for drinks after work….just what do you thing is going to happen? Women if you want to be treated equal…quit doing dumb shit like this.

So, all this being said, until everyone’s workday is truly equal can we have equal pay for equal work. And are women bad for business?

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  1. Oh, I loved this! Yes. Yes. And yes!
    I will always consider my greatest job was staying home and raising our six children to be responsible, caring, creative adults.
    Diane recently posted…Tiny BubblesMy Profile

  2. Not sure…but I do know I would rather work with a bunch of men then a bunch of women… a lot of women are catty and backstabbing…I have never had this happen with men…and I stayed home and raised my kids until my youngest went to school…
    Renee recently posted…There’s Aways HOPE…My Profile

  3. I have wondered about the backlash of the metoo movement in that men might be too scared to hire women. I say that if men clean up their act, there is nothing to fear.
    I entered the job force in a male dominated field. I can’t even count the amount of unwanted advances, slights and exclusions I was subjected to. Never mind in the 1980’s and 1990’s the promotions I didn’t get because there was always a guy who had a stay at home wife and family and I had a husband that also worked. I am sure that still goes on but it is not talked about any more.
    Haralee recently posted…Plastic Squeeze Bottles are My NemesisMy Profile

    1. I was actually turned down for a job last summer because I was a NON smoker. The owner of the company took the time to call me, and say that I was more than qualified for the job, probably more qualified than who they hired…. but he knew I was a non smoker, and everyone else in the office were smokers, and they all smoked in the office while working.( all illegal) So he thought it may cause issues. Whatever….. I guess. Everyone has the right to hire who they wish to hire for whatever reason.

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