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I like to think sewing enthusiasts are generally a nice bunch of people and like to help each other out. So when my friend Robin, a fellow seamstress and now pattern designer at RRU Designs  needed a new pattern tested, of course I offered to help her out.


For those who do not know… pattern testing is a vital and important part of the pattern design process. Like anything else, when we create something, we are very emotionally involved in it, and protective of it. Therefore before it is released into the world of the internet, designers want to be sure everything is spelt correctly, everything works the way it is supposed to, and the outcome is the achievable for the skill level suggested. Ideally we catch everything before it is put out to cyber space because we all know sometimes the internet is a harsh and judgemental place.

People like me, who are sometimes testers, are given the pattern for free. In exchange we sew it up, following the directions exactly. I was specifically told ‘follow the directions exactly’. I did mention she was a friend…..and so she probably knows I often take a different direction than suggested.  We test out the pattern, give our honest feedback and take some pics that will be used for promotion of the pattern when it is released.

Robin asked me to test out her Easy Peasy Backpack pattern. The pattern is geared for a ‘confident beginner, meaning you have a few basic sewing skills, but not a lot of sewing experience.

easy peasy

Through out the project I had to pretend I was an absolute beginner. Because lets face it, I do have an unfair advantage. I also enlisted my daughter and  9 year old granddaughter to give one a try too.  They are in the beginner sewing category.

If you are at all interested in giving sewing a try, or if you can sew but are looking to venture into simple bag making I strongly encourage you to give this Easy Peasy Backpack a try.

I am not a back pack user, and I generally do not carry fabric bags, so for me and my style, this is probably not a bag I would use myself. SO I tested out versions designed for my grandkids.  It is a super cute, and super easy project to tackle, either for yourself if you do like fabric bags, or for kids. IMG_0714

There are 2 sizes, a small and a large. The larger size is perfect for an adult size or a bigger child. I envision it as the perfect sleep over bag for the little ones. Or a swim bag. Or a little backpack that is lightweight for a hike, or even holiday sight seeing. The smaller size is cute for a backpack style purse.

The directions are simple and easy to follow, with clear photos. Everything goes together just as it should. If you are new to sewing…. relax, follow the directions, don’t think ahead, and watch the magic of sewing your own backpack happen. If you already are a sewing enthusiast, this is the perfect bag to use up some of your scrap pile.

The bag sews up super quick, in just a couple hours. So it is perfect for quick birthday party gifts. Or imagine some made as Christmas gifts….filled with some new pjs, socks and other little treats! I promise, you won’t make just one!

The straps are adjustable!




The Easy Peasy Backpack is fully lined with Velcro closure.
Lilli always likes bling, so I added a few charms to the loop at the back.

I think it is equally as cute for boy! This one was made with some flannel left over from a Star Wars quilt I made him.

This poor guy had the tummy flu, but he still wanted to get up to model his back pack.



The Easy Peasy Back Pack would also be a perfect bag if you are a sewing instructor teaching basic sewing to children or adults alike.

This next version in yellow, is made by my daughter and granddaughter, both sewing beginners. They worked on it together and Lilli was so darn excited and proud of her finished project. She has big plans to make more for birthday gifts for her friends.      ” Yours is really nice Gramma, but I made mine myself, so it is my favorite” ,

Great job Lilli!

IMG_0732 IMG_0723

Thank you Robin for trusting me as your pattern tester!

If this looks like a project you want to try, you can find Robin’s newly released pattern at the following links! Come back and leave a comment to let me know how yours turned out!

On the Website




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