Welcome 2018

Welcome 2018!

We had a great Christmas holiday with family and friends. We certainly are not a perfect bunch and we have our own drama. But we were still all here so we are blessed! We never know what next year will bring.

Like many of you, I have made my goal and intention list for the year. I kept it simple and hopefully achievable….therefore solving the world’s problems and finding world peace will not be happening. At least it’s not on my list. My list is pretty simple. Health and happiness. Each decision I make will have my health and happiness as a deciding factor.

I have not really had a desire or time to blog lately. Although I do have some posts I really want to make…mostly because my husband is tired of listening to me.

I was busy in my sewing room for most of the fall and all of December. I have fallen in love with purse making! Back in August on our girls trip to Vegas I saw purses that I fondled and drooled over in the Kemo Sabe store. They were way out of my price range….but I do have some sewing skills so I have set myself on a mission to learn! I have some fantastic Facebook book followers (facebook.com/pinklillisewing) who want to buy what I make as I expand my purse making skills. It’s true…women love purses.

At least for now… I feel pursemaking is where it’s at for me. It is right mix of personal creativity and satisfaction along with a product that people want to buy…. which from a business perspective is always a good thing!

I hope everyone is ready to embrace the new year! It will be what we make it.

Be positive.

Be healthy.

Be happy!

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