After Las Vegas Is Gun Control Really The Answer?

It is has been a crazy week for the world, or at least North America, especially LasVegas.


You would have to live under a rock to not know about the mass shooting there.  Like everyone else, I have been reading, listening, processing, thinking, and trying to make sense of this crazy world we live in. My daughter and I love Las Vegas as well as country music concerts and had talked about going to this Route 91 festival. But we opted to go to George Strait in Las Vegas in August instead. The news was hard to see.

Us at the Mandalay Bay pool, the beginning of September


What would make someone plot and plan and follow through with a mass shooting? What makes someone try to kill large groups of people by driving into them with a rented U-Haul? I do not even pretend to have any sort of real answers and my brain just fills with more questions.

Of course within minutes of the Las Vegas tragedy,  the great gun debate has heated up again. In my mind, this is not the time for a conversation on gun control. This is a time for a conversation about mental illness and the use of pharmaceutical mind altering medication.

I will make it known right here, that surprisingly I am not a gun owner.  We do not have any guns in our home. I really don’t like guns.  I still do not feel compelled to jump on the gun control bandwagon. These shootings have nothing to do with guns. They have to do with the fact that every mass shooter ( and terrorist and murderer) is mentally ill.  While I can not say all, but I will say most mass shooters, were prescribed with very strong mind altering drugs for their mental illness and then sent out into the world. Really what do we expect is going happen?  Now some will argue that if there were no guns, these tragedies would not happen. But I disagree…. they would happen.  There is still access to cars, planes, and rented U-Hauls. They would find away to do these horrible and evil crimes.

I will also point out…. most people who want to carry out these kinds of things, do not care about registered guns, legal guns, or whether they are following rules to get their guns. The fact that something is illegal will not stop them. After all murder is also illegal and that happens daily.

But like I said I do not have answers….. it just seems to me the gun debate is just a smoke show to cover up the real issues that we have. Why are so many people mentally ill? Why are so many people needing mind altering medication? Why are we not seeing #prescriptiondrugcontrol all over twitter?

We have a big problem right now that no one seems to be talking about. Guns are not it. The mental health of our neighbours is so much more of a concern. When are we going to see this on the anyone’s political agenda? When are we going to see prescription drug controls and the mental health of citizens on anyone’s political platforms. But that is where it needs to start.

Mentally healthy people do not kill people. Mentally healthy people don’t search out, buy and stockpile illegal guns. Mentally healthy people can be surrounded by an arsenal of machine guns and never feel the need to take out a crowd of people.

It is time to start looking at the real issues and quit hiding behind gun control, if we really want to see the last of tragedies like Las Vegas.

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  1. One of the problems with drugs for mental illness, from depression, anxiety, various phobias, to schizophrenia, is when people go off them. Sometimes they just don’t take their meds and the side effects are not good. These drugs need to be weaned off slowly. That said I still believe we need tougher gun laws as well as better outreach for mental illness.
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