September…My Other New Year, My Vegas Vacation And Turning 50!

September has arrived again… every year it seems to arrive quicker than the last.

September always feels like the start of fall even though the official first day of fall isn’t for a few more weeks. It also feels more like the start of a new year, even more than the start of the real new year. Maybe this is because September is also my birthday month…although not until the very end of the month. So it is the start of a new year for me!

This year I was lucky enough to welcome September in Las Vegas! My daughter and I decided to take a girls trip complete with concert tickets for the one and only George Strait. The men in our life would rather have teeth pulled out than attend a concert for one of the country music greats, so we just left them at home and headed our for some fun and sun all by ourselves. We had a fantastic time! Our idea of a fantastic time is skipping the booze and gambling, ( I know, I know, what else is there to do in Vegas?) putting on our comfy shoes and touring as much as we can on foot! Each day we logged between 10-15 miles!

We have both been to Vegas several times before. We have been to the Grand Canyon which is amazing and one of the wonders of the world. If you get a chance, be sure to go. We have driven around the city and to outlying places such as the desert and Red Rock Canyon. So this time decided to do all the usual Vegas stuff, but the way we like to do it. We checked out Freemont Street, we actually stayed on Freemont for 2 nights, and we walked out to the outdoor outlet mall. In the evenings we went the container park and of course did some people watching…. that alone can keep you busy.

We got brave and ventured off the usual Vegas path and we explored the Arts District. We always avoided it because it looks a bit sketchy, but we figured it was the middle of the day and lots of traffic. If you head to Vegas get off at the bus stop between Freemont and the Strip and explore the Arts District. It is a couple blocks of the cutest vintage shops, art stores, and unique places that we are definitely glad we went to. The owners of these shops were so friendly and informative. One owner in particular was so happy we stopped in, she said tourists are not encouraged to hit up the District as The Strip and Freemont like to keep everyone in those areas. So when you go…check it out!

We checked out all of the Hotels on The Strip of course…. like the tourists we are, with our Canons around our neck and our comfy Sketchers on our feet. The 42 degree heat was incredible and rather amazing for a pair of Canadian girls, and we tried out the pool/beach at The Plaza and Mandalay Bay for a few hours. I tried to take it all in, so when it hits -40 in the dead of February I can think back to sand so hot that you can’t have bare feet on it.

September in Las Vegas

The Strait to Vegas Concert was on September 1 and a perfect way to bring in September, my birthday month. George puts on a fantastic show, there are no fancy theatrics, no costume changes, no trucks on stage, no fireworks, just good pure country music. And the crowd was wild! It was probably one of the best concerts I have attended and I tend to see all the good ones…at least of the country genre. But my husband will argue about my taste in music. Maybe it was the atmosphere that amped up the experience!

We packed our days full, so full that we were exhausted and usually asleep between 9-10 pm. One thing we really noticed this trip was that we were basically left alone. Maybe it was our tourist attire, the fact our boobs and our asses were not hanging from our clothing, giving the impression we were not there to party. Or the fact that at all the restaurants we went to, we ordered water and a plate of food to share.( We made sure to hit up Gordon Ramsey’s burger , Guy Fieries, Hash House A Go Go ( my fav) and The Cheesecake Factory. ) But we were not accosted by the time share sellers, the people selling tickets to shows, or even the ones handing out the escort cards on the corner. I am certainly not complaining about that…but we also noticed that once we didn’t order boozy drinks or appetizers, visits from the wait staff were few and far between. For a pair of introverts like us this didn’t bother us, except when we wanted our water glass filled or needed ketchup.

As I said… September is my birthday month, this year I turn 50 and I am not really sure how I feel about that yet. I am sure I will write a post closer to the day.

With September always feeling like the start of a new year, after I have caught up from my vacation, it is time to start planning my goals and making my lists of what I hope to achieve and accomplish this year. But so far September 2017 is off to a good start and that momentum will help set me up for a great year!

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  1. As you know it is my birtbday month as well !! Yay for birthday buddies!! Your month has started off much better then mine but i am hoping it ends on a better one as we are planning a trip to Vancouver to see Gradi and Serena ( D’s oldest and his gf) as well as see family and maybe some shopping. So we shall see how it ends 🙂

  2. Happy Birthday Month! I love that you do that too…

    I’ve been to Vegas several times. Love getting off the beaten path too and finding gems. Freemont Street is fun, but I only needed to experience it once. Sounds like you had a great time and I’m glad it was warm (hot)!

  3. I am so glad you got to do this with your daughter. My daughter and I are going on a cruise in dec for my birthday. If the island we are going to is still there… Whenever I have been in Vegas I do the same thing as you, I go sight seeing. The Hoover Dam and the mountains are wonderful and the outlet mall…I always say, at least I come back home with something if I go shopping instead of gambling!
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  4. Michele, Happy almost Birthday, I will be celebrating my 56th on the 20th, although not in Vegas, it will be a day to celebrate. Continue enjoying the month of your birth, you deserve it and welcome to the “50s Club!”

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