5 Steps To Get You Back On Track To Your Goals

5 Steps to get you back on track for your goals!


Here we are, into the second week of May already. It feels like 2017 just got underway, but we are already finished the first quarter. Winter is behind us, I see the leaves popping out on the treeline along the river. My list of goals that I set way back in January are long since forgotten. So I pulled out the list… the one I wrote about here and here.

If you didn’t take the time to read the links, my only goals for 2017 were health and happiness. That is it. 2017 was not the year that I planned on taking over the world. I will save that for another time. I wanted to improve my health and do more things to make me happy.

As I had a bit of an adrenal crash over the last couple days, I started remembering my goals of health and happiness. A lot of the underlying causes of hormonal imbalances are stress, not enough self-care, and not enough fun, positive and healthy thoughts and activities. I started to realise that once again I have started to put too much pressure on myself. Too much pressure to lose weight and get in shape. Too much pressure to make more money. Too much pressure to create a valuable  and productive website. Too much pressure on myself do this all in the matter of a week. I put too much pressure on myself to learn all there is to know about websites, marketing and social media. All stuff I do not enjoy as much as learning about health and nutrition and mind/body/spirit healing. Then of course there is a list of landscaping and renovation projects that I want done now. Before I go to bed tonight. Or by the weekend at the latest.

For someone teetering on the edge of healing adrenal fatigue and having a crash…. the pressure and stress I can create in my own mind can be exhausting. I totally believe this is so common among women. We want to do so much and we put pressure on ourselves to do it now.

So… thankfully for me, I wrote down my goals for 2017 and was able to go back and read it. Health and happiness first.

How to get back on track!

Sometimes it can feel overwhelming getting back on track or hoping back onto the wagon. Sometimes the enthusiasm isn’t there. Here are a few things to help you. ( and me)

So step one is reading the list again… is this still what you want? It is OK to change your mind. In my case… yes, I absolutely still want this to be my year of health and happiness. Maybe double check your wants with your whys. With good health under my belt, maybe next year will be the year I take over the world.

Step 2  is to revamp the list if needed. My goal is still health and happiness, and I will add in that I will follow any curiosity that I may have. If I am curious about something… try it. If it makes me happy, I can keep pursuing it. If I am not really thrilled after all,  well there is no shame it saying ‘ I don’t like it’ and tossing it aside.

Step 3 Have a quick look at what you can let go of right now. What isn’t serving the overall purpose and let it go. For me… it is letting go of unrealistic expectations of what I can physically do in a set time limit. I could also let go of a few more limiting beliefs and worrying about what other people will think of me. Really…. I am pretty sure no one else has time to waste thinking about what I am up to anyway. If they do have that kind of time on their hands, I can give them my list of things to do.

Step 4 Figure out what you need to set yourself up for success, and work on getting those things in place. A clean office space? New workout shoes? A fridge full of healthy food? A supportive community? A life coach?

Step 5 Go out there and reach your goals. Just do it. No one but you can make it happen. For me… that means listening to body, eating healing foods, resting, having more fun, and more time doing what I love. Yes, there is things that I must do, that I don’t enjoy. In those cases, I can change the way I view them, allow myself more time to get them done, and quit looking at how others are doing them and just follow my own path. This thing called life is really just a huge experiment, so go out and try things, have fun!

I hope this will help you to dig out your own list of goals and get back on track. I think it is a good thing to keep your list handy and review these 5 steps several times a year to keep yourself on track and accountable. There is still time to achieve your goals in 2017!


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