I am Bad Gramma, Your Perimenopause Doula!

Perimenopause Doula

Welcome to Bad Gramma, I am your Perimenopause Doula.

Most of my followers on my Bad Gramma Facebook page know me for my sewing! I (used to) make all sorts of things with some naughty swear word fabrics. Of course my passion for sewing revolves around my project, Alberta Angel Dresses. You can read about it here. I also love to take wedding gowns, deconstruct them and turn them into Christening gowns. Although I got the name Bad Gramma because of my tendency to drop the f-bomb….

BUT that is not all there is to Bad Gramma. I have always had a strong interest in women’s health, wellness and nutrition as well as being a bit of a health rebel. I question everything.

I spent about 10 years of my life as a birth doula. It was a job that made me extremely happy and fulfilled. I loved helping women through their transition to motherhood. But I got tired! Long births, too many all-nighters, as well as being on call all of the time really took its toll on my body and my health. I ‘retired’ about 5 years ago, although given the right circumstance I would still attend another birth if I ever get the chance.

My favorite doula baby

Since then I have had some customer service jobs, administration jobs and we made a fairly large move. I just settled in with some sewing projects and that grew into Bad Gramma. While doing that, I carried on with the studying of nutrition and spent lots of time reading about my passions…health and wellness, and now perimenopause and menopause.

Over the years this coincided with my own hormonal upsets, a diagnosis of Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis a couple of years ago, some adrenal fatigue, and lagging estrogen, progesterone and cortisol levels ( or as we like to call it… perimenopause). With all my years as a birth doula and teaching prenatal classes,  I love all things related to researching women’s health and I dove into learning how nutrition plays a huge part in the mind/body/spirit/hormone connection. I joked with a friend, that middle aged women need ‘Menopause Doulas’. Someone who has been there, and is able to hold the hand of women who are just hitting their 40’s and do not know what the hell is going on. She and a few other friends totally agreed with me

So…. “Bad Gramma, your Perimenopause Doula” was born. I am focused on being a ‘menopause doula’ or your ‘Perimenopause BFF”. I am your go-to person when you feel like you are in a hormonal shit storm and you do not know what is going on. Your Dr. says you are fine. Your husband doesn’t know what to do or say, and the kids run for cover. I am your go to. I am who you can share the feelings with. I am your safe place to ask questions that you may not want to discuss with your friends. I am where you can voice all the things that are going on in that head of yours.

So while I do not proclaim to have all of the answers…. and there are things I still struggle to get through myself, I do promise that if I can help another woman through this, I will.  A virtual doula who will help navigate you through all of the information, find answers and give you peace of mind that you are not losing yours. What I do is not medical, but instead a holistic approach to help you feel better, therfore you will still want to seek out  medical advice from your Doctor if you feel you need to. I want everyone to feel F-Bomb Awesome through middle age and well beyond. Lets change the conversation and change the way women age!

Bad Gramma Perimenopause doula


Please keep following along, as try to post interesting and informative articles on my website.  Follow my  FaceBook page to see articles related to midlife, along with lots of fun stuff too. Bad Gramma does have a bit of a twisted sense of humour!  I also have a private Facebook group ( Midlife at the Cabana)  for all of us sassy midlife women to discuss the awesomeness and sometimes crappiness of it all. No topic is off limits. As a birth doula… you can imagine I have seen and heard it all.

Join us!

Message me or contact me if you feel you could use a BFF to talk to and get your F-Bomb Awesome back.

Until next time!




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