Move Past Not Good Enough and Get Back to Awesome

Through most of my young adult life I certainly did not feel awesome. I spent most of the time feeling inadequate, not smart enough, not good enough, just not enough.

I was a mom and I didn’t have or even want a great career at that time. It didn’t feel like I had many skills and I was a failure at life because I carried 10 extra pounds on my ass.

You are Enough
You are Enough

It took me until my 40’s, and a lot of reading and soul work to feel more comfortable in my skin, my body, my passions and my life. It took me until then to realise that each step I took, each thing I tried, everything I learned over the years made me who I am.  I am still not always comfortable where I am, and the thoughts of ‘ what if I had made different choices…” still creep in, but for the most part I am pretty content with who I am.

I have successfully raised 2 now adult children who are productive– members of society.
I have succeeded at an almost 30 year marriage.
I have witnessed over 100 babies born, including 2 nieces and both of my grandbabies.
I have watched someone I loved die.
I have felt the fear of my husband being very ill.                                                                    

I am a pretty good friend, daughter, sister.
I can bake a loaf of bread, a killer cake and throw a meal together for 20 people.
I grow our own food, I renovate our house, I garden like a mad woman.
I can 2-step and polka and dance up a storm on the dance floor.
I have 10 extra pounds on my ass…. I was Kardashian ass cool before it cool
I rock crying babies… it is like a superpower!                                                                          

I am pretty handy with a needle and thread, and a sewing machine too.
I have laughed alot, I have cried alot, I have been mean, I have been kind, I have been hurt, I have survived.

I am almost 50 and I have sweet skills. I know shit and I try to own it. Now is the time in my life to help others realise that they have so much fucking awesome inside them, even though they may feel their best years are behind them. The reality is… a lot of our learning time is behind us,( not all of of our learning, as we are now wise enough to know that we don’t know it all after all)and now is the time to shine, and to be and celebrate who we are.

You can find your awesome that has always been you!

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  1. Congrats on defining your own awesome. Congrats on acknowledging the vast experience and wisdom that you bring to life now, based on your past. Congrats on living well and serving others through all the years you’ve been on this earth. You deserve all the enjoyment coming to you, right now. You go, girl!
    Carol (“Mimi”) recently posted…Embellished Easter Eggs 3 WaysMy Profile

  2. When people ask how I am, I always reply with “Fabulous” The more I tell myself I’m fabulous, the more I believe it. I can’t match all your skills but I am a baby whisperer too – and I am so much more “me” these days than I ever was when I was younger and less confident.

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