New Year, Same Me…Only Happier!

I guess it is that time of year again to look back at 2016 and ahead to 2017.


I am seeing so much negativity about 2016 and everyone is ready to kick it to the curb. I hate to say it….but unless you change that attitude, 2017 is not going to be much better for you! You absolutely can not tell me that there was absolutely nothing good about 2016. I have my grateful journal beside me…and a flip through it shows that I managed to find things to be grateful for each and every day.


That being said….for a lot of us 2016 was rough and bumpy and not entirely in our control. Jobs were lost, houses were lost, money was tight and sometimes non existent, and then there was the politics….

I love the optimism that just a single date on the calendar can provide. I won’t lie and say it is just another day.. because I do tend to enjoy the thought of a clean slate, letting it all go and starting fresh.

I always lay out some goals for myself. I am way past the resolutions of lose 20 pounds or be a better person. Been there, said that….lasted 3 days until I made excuses for skipping the gym or I was giving someone the stink eye and thinking ‘Fuck You’….well so much for being a better person.

This year I have one main priority. I wrote about it before and that is happiness. That is all. Figuring out and doing what makes me happy. Having work that makes me happy, spending time with people that make me happy, and doing activities that make me happy. If there are things that I have to do that don’t make me happy, well… I can change the way I look at them, do them, and get back to being happy.


Does judging myself for all the times I failed at losing 20 pounds or giving someone the ‘Fuck You’ stink eye make me happy…no, not really. So forgive myself and move on to what does make me happy. I plan to do my best to forgive and let go of judgement of myself, the past and others…it doesn’t make me happy.

Does worrying about how much money I have in the bank make me happy… umm no.

Does cheesecake make me happy…oh hell yeah, it sure does. BUT does the horrible side effects of eating cheesecake make me happy?….not usually. So then I have a choice to make. Being healthy without a belly ache makes me happy. So it sounds like an easy choice. Always choose the cheesecake!pexels-photo-227432

So from this simplistic view of always being in pursuit of happiness,  I think 2017 is going to be a pretty fantastic year. Of course I fully expect tears, upsets, drama, and some unhappiness as well. But I am slowly learning that it is all about how we react to the negative situation that determines how bad it actually is.  We can wallow around saying this has been the worst year ever… or we can say it had some rough patches but we got through them, with maybe just a little bit of ‘Fuck You’ attitude.


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