Small Changes Mean Big Results

If you read my post last week about my Happiness Project, I am happy to report it is well under way!

I did submit the post to a bit of a contest per say, and I did win/was chosen to receive 3 free months of coaching with a ‘life coach’. I have always been skeptical of these types of things, but curious also. So far I am really enjoying it….she asks me questions and digs deeper into my answers. Happiness is my main priority, so we are working on figuring out what is missing and how to fill it with things that make me happy.  So obviously this ‘luck’ went into my grateful journal.

Speaking of my grateful journal…. every day, at the end of the day I am writing 20 things I am grateful for! Being grateful is the key to being truly happy.

Twenty things to be grateful for is not always an easy task. But you can not stay in a bad mood while writing in your grateful journal.  Some days my items overlap from the days before, but it really makes me think, and changes my perception on things. I urge you to try it! I mean how can you hate winter when you go for a walk with all the pretty frost….ok, well I still do not like the cold, but I am grateful for all the warm clothes I have to wear. You see how this goes…?


I am working on changing the negative tapes that play over in my head, and replacing them with more positive…. and wow what a difference that makes in my anxiety levels. When the anxiety is doing better, I am sleeping better. When I sleep better, everything just looks brighter.

I am focusing on just a few main goals, narrowing them down, and all determined by doing them in a way that happiness is my main priority. I have set goals before….but they were based on what I thought should be on the goal list rather than what I truly thought or felt would make me happy.

I can’t wait to see where this Happiness Project takes me in 2017, but I have some new ideas brewing.

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