My Thoughts on The US Presidential Election

I am the first to admit that I know very little about politics or elections. As a Canadian I know even less about the whole long drawn out process which is the American election. But somehow as I get older, the more interested I am in Canadian elections and more so now, the American process.

Maybe because right now in 2016 it has become a freak show, which is  way beyond the average election shit show. The news channels are obsessed with it, although I am convinced that the media is slanted as usual and they are feeding us what they and their money want us to hear. But if you go beyond mainstream media for your information, they will claim you are getting information from un-reputable sources. They certainly wouldn’t want us unearthing the truth that is maybe mixed in there somewhere, maybe… As if you really can trust anything that spews from a politicians mouth or their campaign manager or anyone who decides to climb out of the woodwork 3 weeks before the ballots are cast.

I do have a lot of American friends on Facebook, and they are probably split right down the middle on their political views. Although it may be leaning just a wee bit heavier on the Republican/Trump side. What is concerning is the sheer amount of hate, meanness, and smugness that I see on my friend’s pages. As a sheer observer of all that is going on, I do think most of the mean posts, name calling and sheer smugness ( anyone who votes for someone I do not like is an idiot, a deplorable, a moron and I will unfriend you) comes from those on the Democrat/Hillary camp. Although sadly I  do see it happen on both sides.

I am using it as a lesson for myself… and I often post political posts, but I am really trying to not call someone who votes for someone other than my choice an idiot. Honestly for all I know I may be the idiot, no one thinks they are an idiot, so how do I know?…. maybe we are all fucking idiots for buying into this whole election bullshit anyway and we all need to band together and demand better.

Now do not get me wrong…. I think we have every right to analyse, critique, criticise and call out the leaders themselves. They wanted to get into politics, and they should have a thick skin. But when it comes to calling people on your Facebook page, (people who you must consider a friend and have some common interest with, or else why would they even be on there), names and just being mean and hateful…that is just wrong. When I see people doing it, it makes me think even less of the political party they support, because if that is what the party represents, I am not even interested in being open to hearing what they have to say.

I am more likely to listen if they don’t start off by calling me an idiot and picking a fight right off the bat. But I do not think that makes me weird… I think whether it is politics or your preference for Ford vs Chevy, Harley vs Honda, or Coke vs Pepsi, you are more likely to have someone listen to your opinion if you don’t come off as a jerk in your first sentence. Because remember….opinions are like assholes and everyone has one. OR opinions are like orgasms, mine is the only one that matters and I really don’t care if you have one.

I do think our personal views have nothing to do with anyone being uneducated,  an idiot or a deplorable, especially if they are different than your view or my view. Everyone has their own reasons and it isn’t that they wake up and just decide ‘ I am going to be an idiot and vote a moron into power’. At least I do not think that was Alberta’s reasoning on election day a year and a half ago. * Kidding…sort of* We all pick a political party based on their policy and what they plan to do for us. Although sadly our Canadian election had people voting for a guy who had nice hair. I only wish I was kidding….

We vote for the people whose policies and ideals are most linked to ours. Who share the vision for the world we want to see. Those policies and ideals do not make us wrong. And it doesn’t make someone else wrong, it just means we all see the world differently. Just think about that for a second….just because someone disagrees with us, that doesn’t make them wrong. Ugh… kind of leaves an unsettled feeling right? A ‘yeah but…’ feeling. I guess being an adult is learning to filter the sentence ‘ yeah, but you’re an idiot…’ before it comes out of your mouth or your typing finger. Think it in your head, write it in your journal, but learn to have a filter.

If  ‘yeah, but your an idiot, or a deplorable’ is really your only opening line or sentence, you are not showing me that you are intelligent or know what you are talking about either. Maybe start showing me all the good reasons why you believe what you do, rather than judging me for my obviously shitty beliefs.

Anyway… I am not sure what will happen after the American election. I know the sun will still rise and set, Facebook friends will return to posting pictures of what they are eating for supper, Trump will continue to be a buffoon and Hillary will continue to lie and cheat. The morning news will hopefully start showing cat videos again.

In the words of Ellen…..’be kind to one another’.  Really if everyone would be kind to one another most of the worlds problems would solve themselves. Can it really be that simple? I wonder what else is possible if we all could just be kind to one another?

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