Minimalism vs Hoarding. Maybe An Organized Hoarder?

Last week on a whim, I clicked JOIN GROUP, on a minimalist living group on Facebook. I am no where near a minimalist, and I have no desire to really be a minimalist. But I am very tidy and neat and always said I was more like an organized hoarder. I know where everything is most of the times, and we do not have piles of junk or clutter piled up…. at least in my areas of the house. I do like to have lots of pretty things around me, such as vintage dishes, heirlooms and things that ” I may need someday”.


There are some hard core minimalist on this group. They have a couch in their living room and that is it. This look does not appeal to me, nor do I find it nice to look at or a relaxing place to be. BUT that is just me. After a few days though, I started to think maybe it was not a whim that I clicked join group, but maybe a message from my subconscious. As I kind of half heartedly read some of the posts I really started to think about my own life. While I look organized and tidy at first glance of my home, it is all the more private areas that are a true disaster. My paperwork has not been entered into the computer program in probably 6 months. At the beginning of the year I vowed to do it weekly, but then I guess I got bored. Therefore the finances feel like an out of control mess. And the reality is they are.


Every closet I open lately seems to have disorganization and way to much stuff piled in. How many spare pillows do we need in there, when first of all no one ever comes to visit, there are already 6 pillows on the spare bed, and we have enough pillows in the camper trailer to sleep 6 also?

My sewing room is a disaster…. I always have visions of a beautiful workroom, with matching furniture and pretty all around. The reality is that it looks like a teenage girls bedroom as I throw fabric around looking for a piece I know I had at one time. I would be more productive if I could find what I needed and had a place for everything, preferably easy  to get to and see, but out of sight. I see some new closet shelving and armoirs coming my way.

This is not my sewing room! But it’s pretty.

How long should I hang on to clothes that do not fit, and I don’t even like…. who knows, maybe someday I will be skinny and totally change my style I guess. Why else would I be keeping it.

My basement is a whole other disaster on its own. It will never ever be developed, as it is just plain old and nasty. BUT it is a great place to just pile stuff up. All of the holiday stuff is piled up down there…at least its organized. But I have lots of other stuff that either I do not have room for, or think I may need someday.

I am not sure quite how this happened…I have always been so organized. Maybe its something that just happens. Part of it is sheer laziness and procrastination. I pile it up for a garage sale that may never happen. After all you need a lot of stuff for a good garage sale, and I do not have that much, or so I think. I could sell it all on Facebook Classifieds to other unsuspecting souls who are still hoarding great deals. But if you have ever sold anything this way you know that it is also a pain in the ass. Everyone wants it, and no one shows up to pick it up. I could donate it…. honestly I am to cheap. Some of this stuff is worth some money, and I could sell it and take the money and buy myself something nice. Oh, I am supposed to be saving money, getting my finances in order and keeping shit out of my house. Mostly I think it is just procrastination….yeah, yeah, I will get to sorting this stuff out later, after I finish this important stuff I am doing on the internet. Another part of it is that I just gave up…. I am married to someone who finds my constant cleaning and organizing annoying and I swear he leaves things out just to annoy me. But after a while, if you can’t beat them you join them. Who cares if the tools are sitting on a shelf in the laundry room or on the kitchen counter  instead of where they belong? Well… I care. Being organized is truly part of who I am, and I have let myself down.

So… I am going to hop on the minimalist bandwagon for a bit. I will never just have a couch in the living room. Like I said, I like pretty things way to much. But My goal is to start cleaning up the places people do not see all the time. The paperwork, the finances, the closets….. I do not need 3 canners, when I make a few jars of salsa a year. I don’t need 5 pairs of jeans that do not fit or pillows to sleep 10 guests when we have 1 spare bedroom.

I am pretty sure once I have tackled this, and gotten rid of all the things, and organized the things I am keeping,  I will feel so much better, so much lighter and so much more relaxed in my own house. I will sleep better at night knowing that all my paperwork is filed, organized and up to date…these are the things that give me insomnia at night.

How about you… leave a comment if you can relate to this kind of messy build up.

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  1. Wow, it’s like you crawled into my brain on this one! (or have been peeking into my house?!) Since the baby came I’ve been a hopeless train wreck on the cleaning/organizing front, but I’m starting to get it back together & your post was just the kick in the bum that I needed! Good luck.

    1. Congrats on the new baby! They do tend to move our focus elsewhere for a while…however they are also very messy and have a lot of stuff for such small people. I am glad I could help kick your bum and good luck too!

  2. Yes! Just start letting go of stuff!! Just knowing that the clutter is lurking in low-traffic areas is enough to drive me nuts haha. But I will never have just a couch. I love decor! Xo

  3. I like things tidy and too much stuff makes me feel like I’m drowning, but I think you can go too far the other direction with minimalism. I like to enjoy my surroundings without tripping over them.

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