The Big Bang Mud Run

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about how I was participating in the Big Bang Mud Run, and said I would give an update when I finished it. Well here is the update…I KNOW you have been waiting and checking your email everyday for the updated post.

I will start off by saying I was in no way prepared for this race. I had not been training, and I was filling in for my son in law who had to work.

The day started off a bit chilly, but the sun was shining, and there was lots of mud!



14212109_10154489473552905_4571819966917534252_nAt least we started out clean.

14322457_10154489473892905_3524043191717587743_nNotice that I am wearing my Bad Gramma headband…which performed great and kept my hair off my face all day.

We left in the third heat, each heat was staggered about 5 minutes apart. Lots of people passed us right off the bat, but we decided to take it slow and steady especially since the first part of the run was uphill.

At the first mudhole we passed our first group of people. They were tiptoeing around the mud, so we decided to go through. Shoshanna fell in, and just like that we were christened. But it was fun and we were now dirty, so off we went and left the tip toers behind. We did a few more mud holes, and I was pretty excited that I even managed to scale a couple of 6 ft tall barricades.


At near the half way point, we stopped to look at and get a picture of us at the meteor crater. It was pretty cool. The Bad Gramma headband is still doing it’s job!

But after a quick look and photo we were off again. By this time we were passing more and more people…even a few that were definitely younger than both of us. Now I realise the point is just to have fun and do your personal best……but a slight element of competition comes out in me occasionally.

I do know that I have a stubborn streak and a strong streak in me…. after all I birthed big babies without pain meds, but that was along time ago. So the fact that I was pushing my body beyond what I normally do was making me feel pretty good. I guess that is the effect of endorphins….

I think all in all there were about 12 mudholes,  2, 6ft barricades, an obstacle where we crawled through the mud on our bellies and had to fit underneath it, and some tires to run through, and at the end some monkey bars. I won’t say it was easy, because for me, an out of shape, late 40 something gramma, it was one of the tougher things I have done.


In the end, we finished somewhere in the middle! This made me ridiculously happy, because as one of the older competitors, that meant I did not come in near the end!


This experience definitely left me wanting more. I want to be in better shape, I want to be ‘that’ older woman who does this! I want to be strong, I want to be fit, and while I am not really adventurous, I really want more adventure and trying more physical things in my life.

If you get a chance to try this, I say do it! It will leave you feeling amazing, like you are some sort of mud hero, ninja warrior. Plus… you get to be dirty, which is fun all on it’s own.


Be Badass!

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