It is Mitten Weather…at least here in Alberta.

I am not sure where you are from, but here in North Western Alberta yesterday was chilly. The leaves are changing quickly, the garden is dying and the forecast has frost warnings, so we all know what that means…..brace-yourself-bitches

Anyone who knows me more than 5 minutes, knows I hate winter and complain about it more than any Albertan ever should. I love snow for Christmas, but I do not watch hockey and nor do I find skiing and snow-shoeing while wearing 20 pounds of extra clothing enjoyable. We won’t even begin to discuss my utter hate hatred of all things windchill related.

There are some definite things I do like about fall though, and the reminder that winter is coming isn’t one of them,( nor is it pumpkin spice lattes….although if you offer me pumpkin pie I am in. I also do not like wearing sweaters and boots, and infinity scarves leave me feeling like I am suffocating. )white-girl                OMG enough with the pumpkin spice girls… we all know them!

BUT anyway,  I like getting back into routine…as much of a routine as two self employed people can have. With the cooler temperatures and the garden almost finished I do not feel like I need to spend every moment outside soaking up summer and working on yard projects. ( basically I have given up on unfinished projects and they go on the list for next year.) That means I am spending more time in my sewing room, and I tend to get obsessed with new projects and have trouble getting back outside for fall cleanups.

There are things that still need to get done outside though, like walking the dog, even on the chilly mornings. Which led me to think that I should really make some mittens with my Bad Gramma fabrics. And I know that if I like them, so will my customers.

While I like to sew, I do not like to draft patterns. For the life of me I can not figure it out, not to mention it just bores me to tears to try and learn. So I found a pattern on the Stitch Upon a Time website, bought the instant download, printed it off and got to work. This pattern does come in sizes from baby to adult man so I expect I will be making some for my littles from some non Bad Gramma fabrics too.

But for now…check out some of my new Bad Gramma projects just in time for winter.


black-mittsBlack Effs cotton lycra fabric, that is my own design, is on the outside with pink polar fleece inside. I love these and they express my feelings about winter perfectly.

purple-mittsThese  All The Swears are purple and black cotton lycra outside with a hot pink polar fleece lining. This is my own fabric design.

reindeer-mittsThis reindeer print stretch fabric from Aqua Splash Customs, with pink polar fleece inside is just fun.

I will be adding these and a bunch more to my online store… which is slowly coming together here on my site. But in the meantime if you want some, leave a comment or head on over to my Facebook page and snag a pair for yourself.

I am now off to fill some orders because I was right and I knew my customers would love these…. and the forcast is looking beautiful for the rest of the week, so I hope you make some time to get outside and enjoy.

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