What is with the ‘Shop’ tabs?

As I work away on my website, some may be wondering what is with the shop tabs, that have no content yet. This is where I plan to have my Bad Gramma items up for purchase. But seeing as I am slightly tech challenged this is a slower process than I would like. BUT it is coming. I promise.

I KNOW that what I make is not for everyone. My business is started completely by accident. I had purchased some Fuck Fabric to make some Christmas gifts for my daughter and when I posted on Facebook, all my friends wanted something made. I figured if my small group of friends loved it, then I am sure others would too. It turns out middle age women and grammas are my best customers. I guess it’s true….you hit a certain age and you just do not give a fuck what others think!

Anyway… I am rambling instead of figuring out how to work the shopping pages. Here is a small sampling of some of the things that will be available… and right now if something interests you please just leave a comment, or head over to my FaceBook page.

purple swears
All the Swears Doo-Rag


fuck cancer make
Fuck Cancer makeup bag


              Make up bags


pink headband
Cotton woven headbands


rainbow headband
Stretch headband


I do sew other things as well, panties are my new obsession…..available various size and prints.

black thong



There is even something for the little girls!

pony panties

That is it for now, I do have out of town company visiting, so we are off to see the local sights.

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Until next time….


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