Hello and Welcome to Pink Lilli – Bad Gramma

Welcome to my corner of the inter-web. This is a place where I intend to share my sewing business with you all, as well as create an online store to make my business flow a bit more smoothly.

As I start to show off some my projects and my creations you will see why I have the name “Bad Gramma”. But I also make things with a pretty vintage flair to them also…so do not run away quite yet. This is also where I want to discuss what it means to be a cool, awesome Gramma in this day and age.


In some ways I am a very traditional Gramma. I have 2 grandkids who I will brag about incessantly. I bake cookies, I have a garden, I grow flowers, I cuddle and read stories. You will see pictures, hear stories and pretty much be reminded that I have 2 of the most beautiful and brilliant grandchildren that were ever put on earth.


BUT in so many other ways I am so different than my grandmother ever was…… I have tattoos, I shave my legs, I take motorcycle rides, dye my hair and refuse to wear granny panties ( or sometimes any panties at all). I have a bit of a potty mouth and have been known to drop an F-bomb around the children…….Bad Gramma!

Looking back, in my earliest memories of my own grandmother, one of them was not a whole lot older than I am now. I remember grey hair under a kerchief, with homemade skirts and blouses, always with a quilting or knitting project stashed beside the chair for when she watched her ‘stories’.  This is not the vision that my grandkids see of me….. we are navigating new Gramma territory now.

I hope you follow along, see what I am working on, and check out the pictures of the two little people who have elevated me to ( Bad) Gramma status.

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  1. Looks great !!! A perfect place for all us modern day gramma’s, good or bad !!! Looking forward to seeing more !!

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