I Am The Person The Liberals Love To Hate- I am Conservative

I am the person the Liberals love to hate. I vote Conservative. This post is mostly my frustrations of reading comments and having social media interactions. I usually do not get very political in my public posts and keep my views contained to the four walls of my house. But sometimes, when I read comments […]

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Finding Ways To Cope in This Crazy World- Look For Beauty

Lately, it is really hard to ignore the state of our crazy world. Politics, shootings, terrorisms, natural disasters and so much hate amongst what we think should be our friends and neighbors. Just when you think it can not get any crazier, we wake up to something else. It is easy to allow ourselves to […]

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Marital Rape…. Is This Ok? Our Canadian Government Says It Is, As Long As You Don’t Know It Is Illegal.

Marital Rape…. is this ok? Our Canadian government says it is, as long as you don’t know it is illegal. I admit this is a topic that I, as a modern day white Canadian woman have never really thought of. “No I don’t feel like it” means exactly that. But I read this article coming […]

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