My Goal For 2019 Is To Have No Goals.

As 2018 winds up I feel like I should reminisce about all the goals I accomplished, all the lessons learned and what a better person that I have become. Because isn’t that the purpose of making our New Years Resolutions and goal setting on New Years Day? Well in that case I am happy to […]

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I Believe All Women….. I Also Believe Men. There Needs To Be Proof.

Believe all  Women! Once again you need to be under a rock if you haven’t heard the allegations of Dr. Christine Ford against Brett Kavanaugh, as he was a nominee for the Supreme Court Justice. Believe All Women is the battle cry of the #MeToo feminists  of last year. I am a  woman, so I […]

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You Are Either A Photographer or You Are Not. Saving Memories One Click At A Time.

I think that you are either a photographer or you are not. I am not talking a professional toting around a fancy camera taking pics for money…although even though I am not professional I do always have my Canon around my neck. I am talking about those of us who document our lives with photos. […]

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